Monday, June 12, 2017

Image Inside Text

I took a solid color layer, copies some text, selected each letter, switched to the solid color layer, and filled with black.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Puzzle Face

I took some black squares and put them over my features. then I used the cookie cutter tool to get some shapes. finally I selected the interior of the shapes, switched to the main layer, and turned up the brightness by 100.

Color Focus on Black and White Photo

I added a filter layer, set It to black, and turned it up to %100. I then painted back on the filter layer in order to expose only the beanie. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Create an Album Cover

I took my art from the colorized drawing project and used it as the name. I then took his headless lady liberty piece I did a long time ago, on my own time, and used It as the background.

Photoshop Makeover

I created three hue/saturation layers, one in black, one in a super pale skin tone, and one in teal. I then filled both with black and the the color would only show where I painted on that layer. I went through with the paint tool and slowly covered my hair and then moved on to the makeup.

Cartoon Head on Regular Body

I took a drawing of a super emo angel and took just the head. Then I put it over my head and anything that the cartoon didn't cover I covered using the spot heal brush. Finally I added a quick filter to mach the color of the image and the cartoon head.

Hybrid Character (Rick and Morty)

Rick and Morty is the best TV show this Earth has ever seen and so I felt it was only appropriate to honor it in this way. Maybe Mr. Meeseeks, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith be log as one no they don't...but I can dream.

Colorized DrawingI

I spet a lot of time doing the drip letters and was quick about the geometric bit. After drawing I took the image, ran it through a series of filters that further separated the pencil from the paper, leaving me with a something I could work with. I then used a series of selection methods to select the parts I wanted, I filled everything in, and finally I added a filter.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Retouching Assignment

I gave us a decent President... i used the spot heal brush and heal brush to remove the bad and then put some goon over it.

Panoramic Image

I lined up some photos

Friday, April 28, 2017

Top 5 peices

Defacing Liberty (Personal Project)
Rooster Cat (Create a Hybrid Creature)
Rocky Sea (30 Day Photo Challenge:Bird's Eye View)
Bastion (Scanned Felt Tip Drawing)
Broken Country (Street Art Piece)

Magazine Cover Assignment

I putty face on the beautiful Gerard Way... what have I done!?!?!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Tripple Evolution

The evolution of vegetables (not scientifically accurate). I took an image of some vegis and added some extra stuff.

Candy-land Landscape

I created a candy landscape by taking images of candy, reducing them to just the candy with no background, and then compiled them into a landscape.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

30 day photo challenge 2

Day 1: Favorite Food        

Day 2: Smile                    

Day 3: Happiness         

Day 4: Leaves             

Day 5: Morning Sky   
Day 6: Books    
Day 7: Something Funny           
Day 8: Favorite Color            
Day 9: Inspiring Person            
Day 10: Nature                      
Day 11: Something Old       
Day 12: Hair                           
Day 13: Written Words        
Day 14: Movement                
Day 15: Leading Lines        
Day 16: Symmetry and Patterns  
Day 17: Framing                     
Day 18: Depth of Field              
Day 19: Rule of Thirds                   
Day 20: Best Friend              
Day 21: Where You Sleep      
Day 22: In Your Closet          
Day 23: Gratitude                   
Day 24: Something New             
Day 25: Animals                   
Day 26: Worm’s Eye View of Trees 
Day 27: Artwork                    
Day 28: Daily Routine            
Day 29: Nighttime               
Day 30: Light